Milestone's Quarterly Newsletter



Winter 2017 - Collective Impact

The social problems of addiction and homelessness are tremendously complex. Whether at an individual or systemic level, there are multiple and complicated factors that lead to these issues, and the remedies are never straightforward. And while Milestone, through our array of programs, plays a critical role in our communities in helping people suffering with these challenges, we are aware that we are but a cog in the larger machine that’s required to move from problem to solution.

Fall 2016 - A Place to Call Home

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Back in the 1940s a psychologist named Abraham Maslow developed a theory of human motivation that has come to be known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow demonstrated that for any human to thrive, their fundamental needs in the areas of shelter, food and water had to be addressed. Nothing else is possible until these basic needs are met. Milestone – through its emergency shelter program – provides help to individuals with addiction issues to meet these most basic of needs, but emergency shelter is not enough. 

Summer 2016 - A Legacy of Healing

For nearly 50 years, Milestone has been providing services to people dealing with addiction and homelessness in Maine. What is Milestone? It’s the thousand caring interactions that happen every day between the staff and the people we serve. It’s the opportunity to make a human connection with people whom much of society has abandoned and, in so doing, giving them the sense of dignity that is so necessary for all of us.

Winter 2015 - Strength in Numbers

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There is nothing like the holiday season to remind each of us the importance of our relationships with our families, friends, colleagues and other loved ones. Those relationships enrich us, sometimes challenge us, and generally make us stronger than we’d be on our own.